Prostitutes VS Escorts

Escorting is the same things as prostitution to many people but this is not the case.

A prostitute is approached for the sole purpose of fulfilling sexual urges and desires, However and escort is a service provided by a well presented person for entertainment purposes. An escort is paid for their company and for aesthetic purposes, where as a prostitute is purely for sexual activities which is why it is branded as illegal to be a prostitute.

Escorts are professional and are hired for the way they look and for their company, you can book an escort with a reputable company and those companies are registered and verified. A prostitute can be found in a brothel or from the street. You are paying for an escort you are paying for time spent, with a prostitute you are paying for sexual acts only.

You may be surprised to know that prostitution has been legalised in the following 8 countries:

The Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Greece, Turkey, Hungary and Latvia. In New Zealand it has been decriminalised, this means the removal of criminal penalties for sex work. New Zealand’s government have the view that this change in law would allow sex workers to live with less exclusion socially and without stigma, this has been the case since 2003.

There are some countries that prostitution is punishable by the death penalty and others would punish the sex worker and not the service user and vice versa. There are 5 known legalisation models seen across the globe:

  • Prohibitionism – Where all aspects of prostitution are criminalised
  • Abolitionism – Prostitution is illegal, 3rd party involvement is prohibited – These laws are designed to stop prostitution affecting the general public
  • Neo-abolitionism –  believes
  • there is no free choice for people entering prostitution, it is considered to fall under the category of ‘consumption of human bodies’ Client and 3rd party involvement is criminalised where as the prostitute themselves are not seen to commit any crime by doing so
  • Legalisation – The means no criminal penalties are incurred for prostitution and it is regulated and monitored to keep under control
  • Decriminalisation is the removal of penalties for sex work. Removing criminal prosecution for sex workers creates a safer and healthier environment for those workers


An escort is a female or make or even a couple who offer company and/or to others in exchange for money.

A prostitute is a female or male who strictly offer sexual acts in turn for cash

A call girl is a person who works as a prostitute but not in a brothel or on the streets

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